Bill & Marga Bales, Williamsburg, VA

Our relationship with Jane began after visiting friends that had moved to Waters Edge from the neighborhood where we lived in Roanoke. After several visits to our friends at The Lake we developed some interest in purchasing a lot for the purpose of building a new home that would serve as our retirement home in a few shorts years. Our friends at Waters Edge recommended Jane and one weekend on short notice she was readily available to chat with us about our interests and to show us available properties. Jane was good to have the correct idea of what size, location on the lake and how a home would be presented by the properties that we viewed.Our meeting with Jane that weekend turned into a delightful experience and we purchased a lot that was all, and more, of which we had an interest… She was always available during the building process for our home and during and after the ten years that we lived at the lake continued to be a resource of information of which we might have interest. She handled the sale of our home when we planned to move to Williamsburg and secured a buyer that allowed a smooth and fruitful transition of sale and our move to our new home. Jane has always presented herself in a most professional manner and creates an ever lasting friendship along with the business side of real estate. For any real estate transaction at The Lake I would certainly give Jane,” thumbs up “and a special reference of her to any one. Hope you can use some or any part of thisÖ Keep up the good workÖ Best regards, Bill Bales