Dario Marquez & Wendy Thompson, Ashburn, VA

We first met Jane in the fall of 2011 when we were looking to purchase a home at Smith Mountain Lake. Although Jane represented the buyer we can say unequivocally that her involvement made the entire process a pleasant experience.

First, far more than other realtors we encountered as we looked at a number of homes around the lake, Jane made it clear that she was at our disposal when we needed her, but gave us the space any buyer requires to reflect and contemplate such an important decision.

Secondly, and as importantly, Jane was a facilitator not an impediment to the transaction. When we were at the delicate stage of negotiating price and terms, Janeís experience coupled with her calming demeanor helped keep both parties focused on the major issues and not distracted by peripheral issues that were not germane to the transaction.

Finally, once the deal was completed and we were owners of our new home, Jane proved to be a tremendous asset as we looked for contractors and vendors to make the house our own.
Today, we consider Jane not only a professional realtor but a friend. We recommend her highly.