Know ​how ​to ​maintain ​your ​lakefront ​home

Summer cottage on the lake with chairs

Owning a lakefront home is a rare privilege. Keep your prized investment in excellent shape with these maintenance tips:

    1. Clear out gutters
      Prevent debris build-up by clearing out your gutters at least twice a year. This keeps them from clogging up. This also prevents leaks – excess water that overflows from the gutters can cause foundation and landscape damage in the long run.Debris can also become a habitat for pests, attracting everything from ants to rodents, especially when moist. Build-up can be the source of infestations that not only damage your property, but are also costly to treat.
    2. Landscape your shoreline
      The shoreline also needs tending to – watch for signs of erosion, as well as damage to plants, barriers, and masonry, especially during and after winter. Clear away any trash or debris to maintain cleanliness. Add a pop of color by bringing in some potted plants.When it comes to lakefront properties, a native shoreline slows down the effects of erosion with the presence of native plants and grass. However, this kind of shoreline also requires a bit of maintenance, often in the form of weed-pulling.

      A sand beach shoreline will require you to add fresh sand to it each year. But on the upside, this kind of shoreline looks neat and is highly functional. You can add a riprap, which features a layer of needle-punch geotextile fabric piled high with fieldstones and secured to the shore, to minimize erosion.

    3. Clean out the boat house and shed
      These structures also need proper care and attention. Keep the shed and the boat house clear of clutter. Make sure that the locks and other fixtures are in good condition. See to it that the doors are properly fitted, and that the roofs don’t leak.


    1. Maintain deck furniture
      Old or damaged furniture not only puts you and your guests in danger, they can also be an eyesore. Have them repaired, give them a new coat of paint, or get them upholstered as needed. You might also have to replace them altogether if the cost of the repairs is roughly the same.You’ll also have to place furniture in storage in the winter, or when the property sits unoccupied. Likewise, keep outdoor grills covered when not in use.
    2. Keep windows properly insulated
      Making sure that your walls and windows are properly insulated will help you stay warm in winter. This will also help keep your utility costs low and manageable. It’s also necessary to keep water pipes insulated, and to let cool water flow to keep pipes from freezing over.


  1. Keep your home sand-free
    Living by a sand beach shoreline is a great experience, but you and your kids could be dragging sand and crud back into the house each time. Keep your living space crud-free by designating a “sand room” or area where you can wash off the sand before entering.You can set a bucket of water by the door where the kids can wash their feet after swimming. You can also have them wear shoes or slippers that are for indoor use only.

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