Dr. Jeffery Crane, Raleigh NC

*How did we meet?
I met Jane when I first visited SML. The lake was breathtakingly beautiful, and Jane took us around it’s shoreline to see several properties. She was very helpful and very patient. There was not a hint of pressure or expectation.

* What were you hoping for when we met and did you get it?
I’d hoped to receive a general education about real estate and the economics of owning a second home at SML. She was a wonderful teacher.. Her knowledge of the breadth and depth of that subject is incredible and she is absolutely delightful in how she informs

*What were you trying to accomplish and were you able to accomplish it?
First, I wanted to see if the leisure lake life style was reasonable for me and my family and then what that life style would cost. She was able, through conversation, to make me into an informed buyer. I was very happy with my purchase.

* Can you describe your experience during your transaction(s)?
Jane represented my real estate issues professionally at our purchase and 16 yrs later at our sale. She simply made it easy. There were difficult spots but she has the personality to smoothly get to what you need.

*What did you expect to happen and how does it compare to what actually happened?
I expected and received knowledgable review of inventory and expert arrangement of purchase. Jane was superlative in both aspects. Top notch of all realtors I’ve dealt with in my life of many home purchases. At SML, she is superlative

* What did you like best about your buying/selling experience with me?
I will always think of Jane as the kind of person that I can feel privilege in knowing and getting to work with

*Would you be comfortable referring your family and friends to me?

Absolutely. Working with Jane is simply enjoyable. She would get me through good and bad to the happy real estate place we all want. Peacefully and happily living where you wanted