Preparing your home for sale

From simple fixes to room renovations, here are some tips that will help you make a fast transaction and earn top dollar for your property.

  1. Re-paint your home.
  2. A fresh coat of paint can help make your property look brand new. In choosing a color, consider the dominant scheme in the neighborhood. Areas with Mediterranean-style homes usually go with light-colored paint or colors with warm tones. As for interior paint, go for neutrals — they’re much easier to decorate and appeal to a variety of tastes.

  3. Deep clean your home.
  4. Turn your property inside out and clean every little nook and cranny to make it ready for prospective home buyers. If you’ve got stained countertops or scratched hardwood floors, add some TLC and have it cleaned. If the situation is worse than you originally thought, investing on replacements is a wise decision. Remember: buyers are drawn to homes that look like they’ve been cared for.

  5. Consider a landscaping makeover.
  6. Landscaping, along with exterior paint, greatly affects the curb appeal of your home. If your property has zero curb appeal, chances are you won’t get any interested buyers at all. You don’t need to go all out — trim existing bushes, or add some blooms. Make sure they complement the exterior paint of your home and the overall vibe of the neighborhood. Think long-term, however. For example, if you’re planning on planting a tree, consider how big it will grow and how far the root system will travel.

  7. Make minor upgrades.
  8. Replace door knobs, windows, or the tile of your bathrooms. You can also get a new front door for a better first impression from interested buyers. A little effort goes a long way, so stick to minor upgrades and stay away from anything major.

  9. If you’re going to renovate, focus on the kitchen and the bathrooms.
  10. If there are two parts in your home that will greatly affect the overall value of your property, it would be the kitchen and the bathroom. So, if you’re interested in increasing your home’s asking price, do consider making small renovations. Repaint the walls, replace fixtures, update light bulbs — all these little things, if done correctly, can add value to your property.

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