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7 DIY Projects You Should Leave to the Experts

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There’s a certain pride that comes with DIY work, especially around the house. But the smart homeowner knows that some projects should never be undertaken by unskilled hands. To avoid injury and property damage, leave these renovation work to the pros:

Flooring Revamp

While floor renovation might seem like an easy DIY project, it’s far more complicated than you’d expect. To begin with, you may need special equipment to rip out the old flooring safely and efficiently. Laying down new flooring material requires very precise steps that, if not done correctly, could mean starting all over again. You may also find that the sub-floor is already cracked or rotten, and it would need to be fixed before any other work can commence.

Roofing Work

Replacing a few shingles is a fairly simple task that most homeowners can do themselves. However, bigger repairs (and especially replacement) should be tackled only by professionals due to the very real risk of falling from your roof. What’s more, poor workmanship might lead to a leaky roof, which poses a fire and electrical hazard.

Window Replacement

Replacing your old windows is a great way of improving your home’s energy efficiency. But for this upgrade to pay dividends, the windows need to be installed correctly to create an airtight seal. Otherwise, the cold/warm air from your HVAC unit will simply keep leaking. Moreover, windows are very fragile, and require expert handling to avoid damaging them.

Major Plumbing Work

Every homeowner should know how to fix a leaky pipe or a clogged sink. However, installing a bathtub or a new shower should never be done DIY, as these require accessing pipes inside walls or underneath flooring. Plumbing experts give this rule of thumb: if you can see what you need to do, you can DIY it. Otherwise, call the pros.

Stove and Oven Installation

A major aspect of kitchen renovation is replacing cooking ranges and ovens. But don’t be tempted to DIY this project, as natural gas is potentially explosive and poisonous. And if you’re switching from gas to electric, you’ll need a certified electrician to make sure the wiring is up to code.

Electrical Wiring

Speaking of electrical work, this is yet another project that even seasoned DIY enthusiasts should leave alone. Aside from potential electrocution, shoddy electrical work can also cause disastrous house fires. What’s more, many electrical projects require a permit before you can even begin work. Not only will you be putting yourself and home at risk, you may also risk breaking the law.

Tree Pruning

Overgrown trees aren’t just an eyesore, their falling limbs can also injure your loved ones and damage surrounding property. That said, resist the urge to pull out the chainsaw and lop off the offending branches yourself. Handling heavy equipment like chainsaws is no small matter, and there’s also the risk of falling from your ladder and sustaining injuries.

Given the time and money you’ll save, it truly makes more sense to leave these projects to the pros.

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