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Decorating ideas for your lakefront home

A lakefront home is a special place where you can unwind, enjoy the views, and spend quality time with loved ones.

While the picturesque views and the soothing sounds of the lake usually take center stage, you still want your home to match the mood. Whether you’re looking for an easy, affordable upgrade or a fresh renovation that will turn your home into the perfect lakeside paradise, here are a few decorating tips for you to consider:

Use muted color schemes

Vibrant, neon colors can brighten up most rooms, but avoid using them in spaces with a waterfront view. Softer and more natural color palettes work best, as these can further highlight the gorgeous view.

Try using cream shades, pastel blues and greens, soft purples, and other muted tones. You can also consider adding deeper and bolder shades as accents to create a look with more character.

White works well

Using a white palette for your interiors can add a fresh and sophisticated look to any lake house. To keep it from feeling too sterile, you can balance the look by using earthy tones and softening the room with some simple curtains.  

Spruce up your windows

Let more natural light flow through your lakefront home by using light-colored drapes, vertical blinds, or installing wood shutters for your windows. These are perfect for brightening up your interiors, and are easy to use as well.

Use pieces made from water-friendly materials

Furniture and décor made from water-friendly materials such as wicker, bamboo, or rattan are perfect for lakeside homes. In addition to withstanding humidity and wet swimwear, it also adds a natural touch to your interiors.

Rearrange your furniture

Take a look at your furniture’s current layout and see if you can position a few pieces to highlight the outdoor views. For example, sofas and other large pieces of furniture can be positioned in such a way that draws the eye towards the windows.

Positioning chairs and sofas directly in front of the windows also works, but strategically arranging your furniture is a terrific way to make scenic views the focal point of any room. You can use this same technique not just for your living room, but for dining rooms, bedrooms, home office, and other spaces as well.

Complement the environment

The lakefront views are already the main feature, so try to avoid using too much water-inspired décor. Instead, look for subtle ways to add to the look while using the views as your inspiration.

For example, you can add a coffee table made of driftwood, incorporate a sandy texture to your window treatments, decorate your space with lake stones, sea glass, and other water-inspired pieces that don’t feel too heavy-handed or overwhelming.

Install dark sky lighting

Head to your local light fixture retailer or hardware store and find out if they carry dark-sky lighting. These exterior lighting fixtures help minimize upward glare and light pollution effectively, giving you a better view of the stars and the night sky.

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