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Should you rent a vacation home?

Your accommodation is one of the factors that determine just how much you get to enjoy your holiday. The traditional option is a hotel, but in popular vacation spots like Smith Mountain Lake, you can also choose from among the many vacation homes for rent.

A vacation home rental offers many benefits, but it might not be the right option for you. To help you make the decision, here’s a look at some of the pros and cons of staying in a rental.

Advantages of renting a vacation home

  • You get more space

Hotel rooms tend to be quite small, and a standard room can typically accommodate just two persons. If you’re traveling in a group, this means you may have to rent two or more rooms.

If you rent a vacation home, you can choose one that can fit in your entire group. At the end of the day, everyone can relax and spend more time together. Also, living in a home away from home means you get much more privacy and freedom to come and go as you please.

  • You get to cook your meals

Eating out in restaurants when you are on holiday is a great way to enjoy the place, but it can get quite expensive. Many Smith Mountain Lake vacation rentals come with their own kitchens, so you can cook your own meals when you want to. Not only can this help you save money, you also get to enjoy food just as you like it.

  • You get affordable luxury

Hotels can be expensive, which means you may have to compromise on luxury if you want something more affordable. If you’re in a large group, however, you can pool your money together and afford a vacation home with opulent amenities. Many Smith Mountain Lake rental homes have their own Jacuzzi or swimming pool that you can enjoy in private. A good number also come with a deck where you can have a barbecue or breakfast with a great view. You can also choose a property that gives you easy access to your favorite activity in the area, such as a beachfront home, or one close to a fishing dock or a golf course.

Disadvantages of renting a vacation home

  • There’s no round-the-clock service

One of the best things about staying in hotels is that somebody is available to help you 24/7 – the kind of service you’ll likely not get in a vacation home. You might even find that nobody is there to greet you when you arrive, and that you will have to deal with your luggage yourself. Some properties may not have beddings and towels available, so you might need to bring your own.

  • The property might turn out to be disappointing

When you stay in a hotel, especially a chain, you pretty much know what to expect. Staying in a vacation rental, however, can be far more hit and miss. The pictures on the internet may seem lovely but the reality when you arrive can be somewhat different.

  • You have to rely on self-service

You will most likely need to clean after yourself, since most vacation homes do not come with maid service. The absence of a concierge also means you have to rely on your own resources in planning your itinerary, booking transport services, renting equipment, and making other arrangements.

If you’re looking to invest in a vacation rental or your very own second home in Smith Mountain Lake, I can help you find the right property. Call me today at 540.493.1690 or send an email to Jane(at)JaneAtTheLake(dotted)com.