How did we meet?

Greg stalked you through MLS.

Seriously – Greg was reviewing properties at SML and your name came up under what was then Prudential Real Estate. We were instantly impressed with the immediacy of your response – contacting us from France!! We knew right away we had reached an agent who would be a great fit.

In today’s busy world, you popped to the top of the stack with a great web presence. Good selection of inventory and easy to use search features. Your new website will surely take you to the next level, a one-stop place to shop for your perfect home.

What were you hoping for when we met and did you get it?

We were hoping to find an agent who would somehow reconcile our differing tastes in home style and function. Log cabin meets cape cod meets open concept. Did we get this – YES!!

The best thing a real estate agent can do is listen. You did an amazing job of helping us discover what WE really wanted and then adjusted our search forward to narrow our focus to the right candidates.

How were you feeling about your transaction before we met and did those feelings change in any way during our working together?

Our feelings definitely changed – over the two years that you tirelessly worked to find our dream home, our relationship evolved from stranger to colleague to friends for life!

Ditto. After the very first conversation, we knew there was no one better than Jane at the Lake !

What were you hoping to accomplish and were you able to accomplish it?

Above all else we were hoping to find a home where we could relax – read, write,fish – and stay within our budget. We exceeded those expectations.

Ditto….way beyond our dreams !

Can you describe your experience during your transaction?

From start to finish our experience working with you was beyond our expectations. Your patience was unbelievable – you stuck with us as we reconciled our differences in style and somehow you managed to find the perfect home for us. I’ve lost count of how many homes you showed us before we discovered “Nutter House.” The experience was so memorable that it’s included in the anthology “Voices From Smith Mountain Lake” (published in 2013).

What did you expect to happen and how does it compare to what actually happened?

We expected to find a house – we instead found a dream home. And, I never expected to view SML as my home away from home. The SML community has welcomed us in ways we never could have anticipated.

Jane’s knowledge and love of SML make her the perfect partner in your real estate search

What did you like best about our buying/selling experience together?

That you never lost sight of our dreams – within our budget. There was NEVER pressure for us to buy beyond the financial range we had set for ourselves. You always looked out for our best interests and took the time to get to know us; this is why we ended up with the perfect home, view, dock etc. Oh, and I should mention that you put up with Greg – that’s a biggie! J

When a coworker also stumbled onto Jane, they had the SAME positive impression….for SML, Jane’s the best !

If you are asked for advice in the future from someone wanting to do what you did, what advice will you give them?

#1 Hire Jane

Be open and honest with your agent… Trust them!